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Two Drills for Improving Speed and Agility in Football

As the president and founder of Ventana Capital, Darwin Horan has developed more than 20,000 lots and built more than 15,000 homes. Outside of work, Darwin Horan gives back to the community as a coach. Currently, he coaches both track and football.

Two of the most useful attributes in football are speed and agility, yet coaches often focus more on power than evasion. One drill to improve agility is the 1-2-3 drill, which teaches players who to change directions and react quickly. Three cones should be placed in a straight line about five yards apart with a fourth cone three yards behind the center one. This last cone is the starting point.
To begin, one partner the yells out a cone for the other to run to: one, two, or three. If the cone is behind the player, then it is necessary to backpedal to it.
To improve speed, coaches can use the flying 20 drill. In 50 yards of space, a cone should be placed at the 30-yard mark. Players slowly build speed over the course of 30 yards and should be at an all-out sprint when they cross it and continue this pace for the final 20. Ideally, players rest for about a minute between repetitions.

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