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Three Non-Jason-Bourne Robert Ludlum Novels

Darwin Horan

As president of Ventana Capital, Darwin Horan has raised capital for the development of over 20,000 lots and 15,000 residential properties. When he isn't busy facilitating project growth, Darwin Horan enjoys reading novels by his favorite author, Robert Ludlum.

The author of 27 New York Times fiction bestsellers, Ludlum is best known for writing the Jason Bourne series, which includes The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum. His other well-known novels include the three below.
1. The Janson Directive - Published in 2002, one year after Ludlum's death, this novel follows billionaire philanthropist Peter Novak who is kidnapped by a well-known terrorist. United States covert agent Paul Janson is tasked with saving him, but the operation goes awry.

2. The Scarlatti Inheritance - Ludlum's first published novel takes place during World War II and follows Elizabeth Wyckham Scarlatti as she attempts to stop her son, Ulster, from helping Adolf Hitler.

3. The Matarese Countdown - Released in 1997, this novel follows the Matarese Circle, an international dynasty of assassins and power brokers who seek worldwide economic domination. CIA officer Cameron Pryce is tasked with putting an end to the deadly conspiracy.

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