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The National Farmworker Jobs Program Offered by RMSER

Darwin Horan

Darwin Horan, the former president of the Denver Division of D.R. Horton, oversees land development projects and property management at Ventana Capital, Inc., as president and CEO. Active in his Colorado community, Darwin Horan supports numerous charitable organizations, including Rocky Mountain SER (RMSER).

Since 1980, RMSER has provided training, employment, and educational opportunities to people in Colorado who are disadvantaged. This is done through several programs maintained by the organization, including the National Farmworker Jobs Program (NFJP). Created by the US Department of Labor, NFJP is offered only through RMSER in Colorado and provides free services to migrant and seasonal farm workers (MSFWs) to help them find more stable work and higher wages. The free services offered through NFJP also include support services focused on such things as child care and health.
RMSER offers 167 NFJP services through its South Central and Southeast Regional Workforce Centers. Rural counties can also receive services through the program. These services provide rural workers with on-the-job training that reimburses employers up to 50 percent of their employee’s hourly pay and offer tuition assistance for private training institutions and post-secondary schools. Further, RMSER covers 100 percent of wages for MSFWs placed at public and private worksites who do not have the skills needed to obtain employment.

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