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Rocky Mountain SER's National Farmworker Jobs Program

Darwin Horan

The former president of the North Division of Writer Homes, Darwin Horan now presides over Ventana Capital and its $200 million worth of assets spread across diverse markets. Beyond his pursuits in land and real estate development, Darwin Horan is a regular supporter of Rocky Mountain Service, Employment, and Redevelopment (RMSER), a community-based organization in Colorado that helps individuals find employment through a variety of programs and government-awarded grants.

One of the employment programs unique to RMSER is the National Farmworker Jobs Program, which, through the United States Department of Labor, provides free services to migrant and seasonal farm workers (MSFWs). In addition to training for more stable job opportunities with higher wages, the program provides MSFWs with support services relating to health and nutrition, child care, and shelter.
Employers who opt to place workers in the program are eligible to receive a 50 percent hourly pay reimbursement per employee, while RMSER participants can receive tuition assistance toward private training or enrollment in postsecondary institutions. Training locations are located throughout rural Colorado in Brighton, Lamar, La Junta, Monte Vista, Rocky Ford, and Greeley.

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