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Loveland, Colorado, Experiences Sustained Residential Demand

As head of Ventana Capital, Inc., Darwin Horan guides the Englewood, Colorado, firm in land entitlement, development, and construction. Darwin Horan’s firm owns land valued at almost $150 million with another approximately $50 million under contract. One of those holdings, Hunters Run West in the community of Loveland, Colorado, spans 82 acres between 22nd Avenue and Cascade.
The real estate market in Loveland is strong, with 104 homes sold in January 2015. Although this represented a 53 percent month-on-month decline, it was nearly 32 percent higher than January 2014 sales. The slower sales trend in January compared with December was seasonal in nature and not a sustained trend. Median home prices exceeded $300,000, which represents a nearly 15 percent gain from last January, when houses averaged $261,000. With the overall U.S. economy on a sustained path of recovery, demand is likely to increase for Colorado developments, including the developments of Ventana Capital.
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