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Fellowship of Christian Athletes Assists Puerto Rico

Darwin Horan

In his work as president of Ventana Capital in Colorado, Darwin Horan draws upon more than two decades of experience in real estate development. Committed to giving back to others, Darwin Horan supports a range of nonprofit organizations, including the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

Founded more than 60 years ago, the FCA was born from the idea that if athletes could promote consumer products through advertising campaigns, they could promote God and Christian living as well. Since then, FCA has brought together thousands of coaches and athletes from more than 60 countries around the world in Christian fellowship through athletics. To accomplish this, FCA trains coaches and other community athletic leaders in the ministry of Christ.
In addition to working directly with coaches and athletes around the world, FCA maintains a series of outreach programs to assist people in need. Recently, this commitment was exemplified when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in the fall of 2017, leaving millions across the island without electricity, water, or other essentials.
Ricky Ufret, a longtime FCA volunteer and native Puerto Rican, reached out to FCA and other charitable groups for assistance. Through the FCA network, Ufret and others were able to raise thousands of dollars for critically needed water filters for island residents.

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