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Domestic Violence Shelter Resources

Darwin Horan

Darwin Horan is the owner of Englewood, Colorado's Ventana Capital, Inc. Actively supporting both local and national charities, Darwin Horan donates to local battered women's shelters, which help victims of domestic violence.

Shelters and safe houses provide lifelines for victims of domestic violence who are able to leave their situations but have nowhere to go. Shelters provide safe, private locations where women can temporarily live for free. Shelters often provide limited transportation assistance as well as bus tokens or other transportation for some types of appointments.
While shelters provide many amenities, including food, clothing, toiletries, sleeping accommodations, and laundry facilities, most shelters do not allow pets. Childcare programs are uncommon at shelters except on a temporary basis during support groups and similar programs. However, women who need help finding these resources can often contact shelter staff members for assistance.

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